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Clean and Ready Your Gas Grill

Safety is #1: Check the Hose

Remember, gas grills are live fire pits. After months of sitting without being used, take just a few moments to give it a once over before pressing ignite.

Specifically, check the hose from the propane tank to the burners. They should be clean and intact. If there's any build-up on the hose or fittings, be sure to clean them before starting your grill. (Hoses can light on fire. We’ve seen it! So any holes or significant wear, it’s just a couple of dollars to replace it.

A Quick Clean Up

Take the grates out and give everything a good scrub down with a wire brush and finish with a damp cloth.

Also recommend run grilling tools through the dishwasher.

Grease Trap Clean Out

Ever seen the grease trap under your grill? LOL but Very Important!

Before this grilling season begins, make sure to pull it out and dump out that fuky stuff from last year. Send it through the dishwasher as well and to make it easier next year, line the trap with heavy duty aluminum foil.

Give It a Test Run Before Cooking

Before popping on that flavourful Baumann’s strip steak, fire that baby up and let it burn for a few minutes. Make sure all the burners are fired for an even cook and check for leaks.

Now, you’re ready 😊.

Whether its your favorite backyard Weber at home or a public park grill, charcoal grills make sure to clean things up and do a little regular maintenance for a great, healthy cooking season.

Raving Reviews

  • "I returned to St Louis in September 2014 and was happy to find Baumann's again. Have gone in two or three times a month since returning. I have gotten spare ribs, baby back ribs, pork butt, bacon, andouille sausage, steaks, brisket, ground beef, beef jerky, smoked chicken wings by the pound, Bison burgers, and most recently a prime rib. All Excellent! The beef and pork/poultry rubs are a great standard by which you can judge your own efforts. Baumann's sauces are an excellent choice when your dish calls for wet, but the dry rubs are excellent. Elk, venison, and other game meats are available. A full range of wood for grilling and smoking provide you all the options you'll ever need. Top notch! Charlie is the best!"

    John Perling

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