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Baby Back Ribs Are Like Diamonds

What makes for the best Baby Back Ribs? Sure there are tons of recipes out there. At Baumann’s we’ll even smoke ‘em for you. They are delicious. But if you want to cook, here at Baumann’s we believe you should pay attention to your butcher. Here are 3 important baby back rib Delicious Factors:

  1. Quality meat to start. We’ve been in the meat business for decades, and don’t accept anything but the best baby back ribs, lean, 2lbs and under, fresh. Suppliers know our butchers make these decisions, not bean counters and they bring us they best or they may as well turn the truck around.

  2. Trimmed close for even cooking. Lots of groceries and discount clubs don’t trim their ribs so you have large hunks of fatty meat left on the rack. Why do you think they are so cheap? That’s cheap meat!! And it keeps your ribs from cooking up evenly and tender. Check out how we trim them at Baumann’s... Perfect every time.

  3. The membrane must be removed. You want to eliminate that tough, difficult chew on the bottom of the rib? Well sir, that membrane must be removed on the bottom side of the slab. At Baumann’s every slab of baby backs has that membrane completely removed. Not so at the discount clubs.

Having someone who is personally interested in you and the quality of the food you purchase is paramount. Do you get that at a big box or discount club? We care, we need you to come back!

Quality, cut and size… You see, Baby Back Ribs Are Like Diamonds! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend by paying attention to your butcher ?. Call Baumann's Fine Meats today or tomorrow to order your ribs and pick them up this weekend. We’re open 9am to 1pm this Labor Day Monday.

Raving Reviews

  • "Not only does this place have great meats, I just had their wings today...Holy Cow! Sometimes when you walk in to the store they will have a tray of their wings for customers to sample. So I tried one, then another and then I bought 2 dozen. Very flavorful, just the right amount of spice off the grill. I ate 5 more before I got home. I've been going to Baumanns for about 20 years. They never fail to have a great selection of steaks (super beef tenderloin), fantastic bacon, fresh ground chuck and the best quality lump charcoal for my grill. And the prices meet and typically beat the local grocery prices. Baumann's deserve a great review. "

    Lawrence Irwin

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