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"The consistent quality of the meats is why I love this place. That and the staff, they're the best! If you want to enjoy your next BBQ this is the place you should start."

Jim Davis

"I returned to St Louis in September 2014 and was happy to find Baumann's again. Have gone in two or three times a month since returning. I have gotten spare ribs, baby back ribs, pork butt, bacon, andouille sausage, steaks, brisket, ground beef, beef jerky, smoked chicken wings by the pound, Bison burgers, and most recently a prime rib. All Excellent! The beef and pork/poultry rubs are a great standard by which you can judge your own efforts. Baumann's sauces are an excellent choice when your dish calls for wet, but the dry rubs are excellent. Elk, venison, and other game meats are available. A full range of wood for grilling and smoking provide you all the options you'll ever need. Top notch! Charlie is the best!"

John Perling

"Not only does this place have great meats, I just had their wings today...Holy Cow! Sometimes when you walk in to the store they will have a tray of their wings for customers to sample. So I tried one, then another and then I bought 2 dozen. Very flavorful, just the right amount of spice off the grill. I ate 5 more before I got home. I've been going to Baumanns for about 20 years. They never fail to have a great selection of steaks (super beef tenderloin), fantastic bacon, fresh ground chuck and the best quality lump charcoal for my grill. And the prices meet and typically beat the local grocery prices. Baumann's deserve a great review. "

Lawrence Irwin

"Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. If they don't have what you need, they will help you find a solution. Can't recommend them enough."

John McCool

"This is how a butcher shop is supposed to be with high quality meats and exceptional service. Whether you know exactly what you want or you are looking for a little advice - this is the place you want to shop. Plus, the have the best homemade brats in town."

Kevin Lee

"Discovered Baumann's by chance, and now I see them about every time I need any meat, and always when I want something they have already smoked. Their prepared foods and sauces are all very good too. It is all delicious! Jim and Ann and Charlie and TO all are great, and their pricing is fair too. Five stars!"

Kevin Lynch

"Very friendly. Personable. Some of the best steaks I've ever had!"

Joshua Hargrove

"Always get great service when I go to Baumann's. The quality of the meat is top notch and their BBQ sauce is awesome. Plus you can't go wrong with the BBQ rub, usually have them put in on everything I buy. Best meat market in St. Louis!!!"

David Timpone

"I bought the best ribs I ever had from this place... And, it was my first time ever making ribs!"

Dave Town

"This place is fantastic, no better place to grab quality meat. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and very welcoming! The andouille sausage is a must and the best beef jerky in town! I can't wait to try the rest of what they have to offer!"

Nathan Arndt

"Best butchers in town!"

Bridgette Hanson

"Great store with excellent meat and top notch service. I love this place!"

K. McKnight

"This is a great butcher shop with really helpful, dedicated folks running it. We're lucky to have this place."

Kim Sauer

"Just moved to the area and was happy to find a quality meat shop nearby. Haven't been let down at all by the service yet, and with the quality of meat it's looking like a lot of grilling will go down this summer."

Michael Reed

"Finest cuts of meat in the Midwest. Quality service."

Michael Y.

"I have been a customer of Baumann's for over 25 years; there is no finer meat market anywhere!"

Joel H.

"Drop dead good food."

Tommy B.

"The best beef jerky ever! And they're always so friendly too."

Blair H.

"Baumann's has the best quality meat period! The one on one customer service you receive is something you won't get anywhere else. Whenever I go everyone there knows my name and is always happy to see me. If you want great service and high quality meat go to Baumann's!"

Scotty C.

"First time there yesterday. Excellent customer service! The wings are one of a kind amazing. Steaks were great and the beef jerky didn't make it to a second day. We'll be going back a lot more!"

Patrick K

"Best meat ever and awesome service. You can't beat this place."

Ryan R.

"We drive an hour to get to Baumann's! By far, this is the best butcher shop we have been to. Well worth the drive EVERY TIME. Great Food. Great People. Great Time... Ask for Charlie!"

Larry N.

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